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Mrs Yanping Wu graduated with a MSc in Accounting from the University of Birmingham in 2000 and worked in the Accounting department of a printing factory from 2000 to 2004.
From 2004 to 2008 she served as an Internal Auditor for Kirklees Council. From 2008 to 2014 she worked as an Accounting Supervisor in a private school. In 2009, she obtained the ACCA qualification and set up the accounting firm.

Miss Charlotte Xue 

Position: Accounting supervisor

Entry Time: 01/06/2016

Qualification: Post-doctoral at ACCA & Manchester University

Areas of expertise: annual accounts/VAT declaration/payroll/self-employed individual tax declaration/Cross-border tax services/tax compliance inspection/tax control and strategy

Miss Ma Rong

Position: Assistant Accountant (Part Time)

Entry Time: 08/05/2014

Education: Master's degree from Huddersfield University & 8 years experience in accounting

Areas of expertise: annual account/payroll/VAT declaration

Mrs D H Liu 

Position: Accountant (Part-Time)

Entry Time: 08/09/2018

Professional Qualifications: ACCA /AAT/ Bachelor degree from Huddersfield University

Areas of expertise: payroll/VAT declaration/agent bookkeeping/cross-border tax services

Language: Cantonese, Chinese, English

Mrs H Y Wu 

Position: Assistant Accountant(Part-Time)

Professional qualifications: ACCA /AAT/Master degree of Shandong University

Entry Time: 01/07/2015

Areas of expertise: payroll/VAT declaration/bookkeeping agent

Mrs Ya Ji

Position: Assistant Accountant(Part Time)

Professional qualifications: Fully Qualified ACCA

Working Experience: Worked as Finance Manager in Adidas.

Had 13 years of accounting experience

Areas of expertise: payroll/VAT declaration/bookkeeping agent

Mrs J T Liu

Position: Assistant Accountant (Full Time)

Professional qualifications: Passed 8 ACCA exams

Master Degree in Accounting

Areas of expertise: payroll/VAT declaration/bookkeeping agent


Mr Ben Zhang

Position: Accountant (Full Time)

Entry Time: 01/04/2021

Professional Qualifications: ACCA Fully Qualified

Areas of expertise: Annual account/payroll/VAT declaration/agent bookkeeping

Mrs Lei Wang

Position: Marketing Manager(Full Time)

Entry Time: 01/03/2023

Professional Qualifications: Master Degree in Marketing

Mrs Shufei Chen

Position: Assistant Accountant(Full Time)

Entry Time: 24/05/2023

Areas of expertise: Payroll/VAT declaration/bookkeeping agent

Professional Qualification: ACCA FTX FFM

Mrs Xin Luo

Entry Time: 14/07/2023

Position: Company Secretary (Full Time)

Bachelor Degree

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