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Overpaidtax Ltd is an accountant firm that accredited by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We have 20 years of professional knowledge and practical experience in accounting, finance, business management consulting, etc. We are committed to establishing our firm as the most professional, reliable and trusted local accountancy firm in the UK. Our philosophy is to put our client first, we are keen to understand client needs and we give clients the most suitable accounting and tax advice.

Our clients are diverse in size and industry. Our clients include takeaways, restaurants, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, export purchasing agents, cross-border e-commerce, law firms, telecommunications, educational agents, construction & engineering, printing & computers, landlords, taxi drivers, investors and translators. Our client turnover ranges from £20,000 to £8,000,000. We also work extensively with law firms of various sizes, immigration consultants, and financial asset management firms. We believe that this will enable us to focus on the clients and to provide clients with the most professional and comprehensive services.

Customer Reviews

Overpaidtax Ltd is the most reliable. They are competent in business and always put my business interests first. I have full confidence in them. I recommend them to you without hesitation!

--- LiuFeng Yang

Since transferring our business to Overpaidtax Ltd, I have praised their professionalism, friendly attitude, efficiency, and high standard of advice and service.

--- Tony Jiang

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